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Seeking Sage Newsletter - Volume 52 August 16, 2021

Stack of Books small

Getting caught up and into a routine (hopefully)…


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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 51 August 9, 2021

Camel Rock, New Mexico


Fighting the Twisties and other balance issues…

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 50 August 2, 2021

statue of a circle of friends around a fire

A Community of Generational Friends…

There is an occasion for everything,

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Seeking Sage Newsletter - Volume 49 July 26, 2021

Two Climbers on  Devils Tower

Facing hard things…

with my God I can scale any wall. Psalm 18:29b, NLT

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 49 July 19, 2021

75th Anniversary Worship Service Choir

A ‘community of holy friends’

In the Acts 20:32 in the Message, Paul calls the church a ‘community of holy friends.’

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Vol 47 July 12, 2021

Cake in the shape of a book with Farewell Karl on one page welcome Lyndie on the other page


The last year or so has been full of major milestone anniversaries. 

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Vol 46 July 5 2021

4th July 2007 Duncanville, Texas


Fireworks for me are a combinations of confusing allures.

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Seeking Sage Newsletter June 28, 2021 Volume 45

Cars in traffic from 2021

Returning to Normal

I spent the weekend with my family in Austin this weekend.

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 44 June 21, 2021

summer is here

It is soooo hot! 

This last week has been so hot! Here in North Texas we have been hitting three digit days all week. And a request from our new best friend here in Texas, ERCOT to reserve energy. Four months ago, when we got those warnings, many of us lost power for days and had structural damage. 

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 43 June 14, 2021

Nehemiah 5:7, ESV

Talking to myself…


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Seeking Sage Newsletter June 7, 2021

Movement small



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Seeking Sage Newsletter June 1, 2021 Volume 41

DFW National Cemetery - Memorial Day May 31 2021


Happy Memorial Day Week - 2021

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Seeking Sage Newsletter May 4, 2021 Volume 40

DHS 70 cropped small

Fifty one years ago, my high school class walked across the football field and got our diplomas. And for the most part, we kept on walking. Every five years, we get together for a few hours. In the last three years, as we planned for our 50th reunion, which should have been in 2020,  we bonded in a different way through the power of facebook. And now that many of us have inherited our Mom’s stash of photos, we were able to collect all of our class group photos. 

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Seeking Sage Newsletter Vol. 39 April 26, 2021

Cat reading the bible small

Last week, I posted on facebook, “I would really like to know the 'Chronicles' version of my life, instead of just living out the 'Samuel/Kings' version.

I would like to know what God is doing in my life and my world. And how far I’m missing His plan. 

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Seeking Sage Newsletter - Vol. 38 April 19, 2021

dead iris small

Today, it was my time to read Psalm 88. In the opening remarks it indicates this a ‘Suffering of Affliction.’ The first time this Psalm really stood out to me, was a day during the second week of recovery from my sixth chemo treatment. That morning my fever of several days had finally broken and there was hope I was going to come through. But I was exhausted. I knew all I would be able to do that morning was read the day’s Bible passages. I was anticipating I would be uplifted. 

However, it was Psalm 88, and I was devastated. It spoke to how I was feeling with out pointing to hope. It was a time when I did feel like darkness was my only friend. 

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Seeking Sage Weekly Newsletter April 12, 2021 Volume 37

full shelves small

Oh, how I long to walk into any store and see full shelves. Not that I want to buy anything.

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Seeking Sage Newsletter April 5, 2021 Volume 36

Field of bluebonnets small

Easter and bluebonnets, are always great reminders that hope is on the horizons. Even if the difficulties of COVID.

Hebrews 12:2, NASB

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Seeking Sage Newsletter - March 29 2021 Volume 35

reading book glasses small

Passion week has begun! And there is more hope in the air for our world. 

But I’m praying for guidance to see all things I was suppose to learn during this special season that I’ve missed. I don’t want to have to go back and learn the things I’ve missed. 

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Seeking Sage Newsletter March 22 2021 Volume 34

Traffic 2021 small

Getting back into the grind after spring break gives us an idea of what returning to real life will be like. 

What will be the hardest for you to go back to doing? 

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Seeking Sage Newsletter - March 15, 2021 Volume 33

trip planning tools

Fully vaccinated. 

A moment in time, I wasn’t quite sure would happen, to be fully vaccinated. This is a time in the mist, not quite time to step into the sunlight, but not wanting to stay in the darkness much longer. 

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