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Book Review - SOOLEY

Book Title         SOOLEY

Book Author         John Grisham  

Pub. Year         2021

Genre                   Fiction

My Rating         5 Stars  

Ease of Read        easy but emotionally challenging 

ISBN                    978-0-386-54768-0 

I was attracted to this book because…John Grisham is one of my top five authors. And I am more of fan of his story driven books as I am of the legal thrillers. 

This book was about… A seventeen year old Sudanese boy has the opportunity to play a showcase basketball tournament in the United States. Amazing opportunities come to him through hard work, while conditions in his home country are becoming increasingly bleak. But you should know there is a lot of basketball in this book. 


Things I liked about this book… As always, this is a wonderful story which keeps you involved past the ending. This is true for both the story of “Sooley” in the United States and for his family in Sudan. John tears at your heart and your moral compass for the world. 


Why you should read this book… To have your world view shaken a little. It is a reminder of how much we take our everyday lives for granted. And to satisfy you yearning for reading a great story. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy… The praise on the back cover is accurate. The synopsis on the inside cover provides insight into the story before you. 


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