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Book Title   PROJECT HAIL MARY      

Book Author    Andy Weir        

Pub. Year   2021      

Genre             SciFi/Fantasy Fiction      

My Rating 5 Stars  

Ease of Read     Easy     

ISBN   9780593135204  

I was attracted to this book because…Andy Weir is always a compelling read. I’ve been waiting for his next book. Once again, Weir met my expectations with this book. He takes us into a place in space and a difficulty we have never thought of before. 

This book was about…Our eyes into the story, Ryland Grace, wakes, naked and confused, with tubes in every opening in his body. As he regains his consciousness, we learn of his desperate mission to save earth. He is the sole survivor of a craft traveling across the galaxy. He has a remarkable journey ahead. 


Things I liked about this book…Once again, Weir has crafted a book where there is never a good place to set it down. You just keep reading. The science is engrossing. I believe this is the first fiction book I’ve read with a microbiologist protagonist. And the riveting turn of the plot that brings Ryland hope for himself and the mission.    

Why you should read this book…To go beyond your life experiences and horizons to somewhere you’ve never imagined. And it reminds us we are capable of so much more than we think we can.


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