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                      Is Job a Member of My Family Tree?      

Book Author     Kathy Carlton Willis  

Pub. Year  2020

Genre    Religion, Personal Growth  

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Ease of Read   Easy  

ISBN   978-1-7330728-2-3  

I was attracted to this book because…The author is a friend of mine, and I enjoy her work. In recent years, I have faced some of my own trials and I am always fascinated by what I can learn from Job. 

This book was about…Kathy leads the reader through seven trials we, as women, can face, doubt, disrespect, desertion, deception, disappointment, disablement, and destitution. In keeping with the theme of Is Job a member of your family tree, for each trial, these direct subjects are discussed, Family Album, Family Bible, Family Recipes, Family Legacy and Family Chat. These sections provide personal stories, bible perspectives, from Job and other passages, life applications, how to serve others going through struggles and takeaways. 

An underlying concept behind this family theme is the thought that ‘trials can separate us  from our support systems if we let them.’

This book can be used as a 7 session study guide for personal or small group use.  There is a practical leader’s guide at the back of the book.    

Things I liked about this book…Kathy gives well thought out insights into each of these seven trials.   

Why you should read this book… Everyone can identity with one or more of the trials Kathy has presented. I did. I definitely need to read and study the trial I’m facing at this moment.  

This book lived up to the back cover copy…The information on the back cover gives you the basic information to know what your will learn from this book. 


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