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Ouida Finch Peterson

Today one of my oldest (oldest in Lyndie time) friends is being laid to rest and my heart is for today breaking. 




Ouida was the only 7 year old I knew who wore dog tags. According to her, the dog tags would identify her in case she drowned in someone’’s backyard pool. 


My mind would spin with the questions. I knew her parents, and I couldn’t imagine she could be anywhere without them knowing. And who did she know that had a pool in the backyard? 


Yet, there was a small still voice that said, if anyone could slip into a pool without her parents knowing, it would be Ouida. And, in delight, I would ask her to tell the story again. 


Ouida was joy and movement, contagious laughter which drew you to her. Her spirit was musical. 


Everyone has a special Ouida movement. For me it was a program I created for Rainbows. No one remembers my wonderful program, but no ever forgot Ouida’s deliver of her one line, “Behold the turtle.”


This abrupt end of life for someone so full of life is the hardest part to comprehend. 


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