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I am older than fireworks- Kali's Graduation Weekend

Kali (my niece) has somehow managed to graduate from the University of Texas in 3 years.


Actually, she has one class to take in the first summer session, but she was able to go through the Spring graduation for her College (Natural Science). Eight of us went down for the weekend. Everyone was really excited that all 3 of her grandparents were able to make the trip. Here is the cast of characters that went: Bill (Jr), Karen and Austin, (the proud Parents and brother) and Bill (Sr) and Lois Blevins, Bill Brents, the grand parents, and Tracy Barton and me, the Aunts. With Kali, it made 9. It was quite a gathering. Surprising enough, we arrived in 3 cars at about the same time. We went to dinner Friday Night. Austin was never far from his IPOD. Saturday mornign we went in 2 shifts to the Frank Erwin center so we would only have to find 1 parking space. Bill and Karen had a friend, Rocky, who happened to be traveling in the area stop in for the graduation ceremony. The college ceremony was a regular graduation ceremony, the professors and then the graduates marched in, speeches were made, and then the 10 seconds of hearing her name called and seeing her walk across the stage. But there was a wind ensemble that played, and of course The eyes of Texas and Texas Fight were played.


The only real glitch of the entire weekend came after the graduation, and no matter what we would have done there would have been a glitch at this point. We gathered across the street from the center while Bill went to get the car. The orginial plan was to make 2 trips back to the hotel in the one car we had on campus. We had a nice corner where Bill had instructed us to wait for him. Everything looked great, it would be easy for him to pull in for the grandparents to get into the car. We enjoyed watching the law students show up for their graduations as we waited and waited and waited. Actually the sky started to cloud over and no Bill. He had parked in a parking garage, and was in one of those situations where all the cars had to exit one at a time. While we were waiting Karen ordered our dinner - BBQ from County Line. When Bill was finally able to get to the appointed corner, the younger and more flexiable of the group decided that all 9 of us could make it in the Jeep, so with every leg and arm in, we made the short trip back to the hotel.


When Karen, Kali and Tracy had retrieved the BBQ we wnt to Kali's for dinner. We had a great time and was able to get a group photo of everyone. After Dinner, Tracy and Bill Brents headed back to Dallas. Bill Sr and Lois were pretty tired so they stayed behind and the rest of us headed back to campus for the University graduation. Kali was not able to take part in this ceremony, but we enjoyed having her with us.


The Univeristy graduation is held outside on the Main Mall (or South Mall) in front of the Main Building. When Bill and I graduated, we thought it was very grand, all the pomp and circumstance. At the end of the Unveristy graduation, the tower lights are turned orange for the Academic victory represented by graduation. It is really neat, because at least once in your UT career, you had a part in turning the tower orange.


Well, that is how it use to be. Oh the tower stills turns orange, but now there the tower is lit for each college and at the end a white longhorn is run up the tower and there are fireworks! As hard as it is to believe I am older than fireworks. We sat on the east mall and watched what was happening around the corner on a large screen. They were great seats, we were at the base of the tower on the east side and had a great view of the fireworks.


After the graduation, we went to Littlefield Fountain to take pictures. It was a lot like trying to meet someone at Big Texs on OU weekend. But the crowds were a part of the fun. Everyone was exhausted andwe headed back for well deserved sleep. Sunday we headed back to Littlefield Fountain for photos. It was a beautiful day and we got some great shots. After brunch, Mom, Dad and I headed home. Bill, Karen and Austin stayed for a while. It was

a great weekend.


Warning: these photos may be disturbing to alumini of former SWC schools....


Kali's Graduation

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