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Chris & Nicki's wedding May 2008


It's been a while since, I've posted. I am going to do better. In May, my cousin, Eddie, son was married in For Worth. We were so surprised when we got there and Aunt Francine and Uncle ED were not there. Aunt Francine came down with a stomach virus after the rehearsal dinner and was extremely ill. We missed them very much.


Almost as big a surprise was how grown up Eddie's other sons were, Grayson and Carson. Grayson was a Groomsman and Carson was the ring bearer. Chris's cousins, Enoch and Micah and his wife were there (Larry's sons). Before long at the reception, Austin and Grayson got together and listened to their IPODS. Austin is in one of those teen frames of mind, don't take my picture! We were really glad to get to see Chris's Mom, JoAnn and her family again.

Carson was the lucky one for the evening, one of the flower girls set her sights on him. She was never far away from him all evening, and he was a pretty good sport about it. It was a beautiful evening, the food was good and everyone had a great time catching up.

Here are some of the highlights from my photos. I was really upset, I had a new camera and had not learned how to turn the microphone on, or I would have gotten some good video of the little kids interpret the Twist, of well. I am so embarrassed, I have forgotten Micah's wife name!

I may have not gotten all the names or rhw spellings correct on the captions. (Too many Nicki's) I hope you enjoy the photos. Let me know if you want any or all the ones I took.



(This is my first time to use Picasa, not quite sure how it all works, or if this is the best way to get on the page...)

Chris' Wedding

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