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Am I ready to fly?

Last weekend, I went flying with my brother in a Cherokee. He passed his pilot’s test last month. We flew out to Cedar Creek Lake to see if we could find our Aunt and Uncle’s lake property.


A lot of people have asked me if I found it scary. While I had never been in a plane that small, I have flown in some very small commercial peddle jumpers and it wasn't really different. We had a great day and almost zero turbulence. I’ve heard my brother talk about it for 2 years. And it was my brother flying...


The unknown is always uncomfortable. The cockpit is really small, and because I was unfamiliar with it I was constantly worried that I was touching something I shouldn't be. You have to wear earphones, I was never sure if the traffic controllers could hear me talk. It did seem like my ears popped much longer than they do on a regular flight. I couldn't rub my ears, which sometimes help with the pressure. And I was yawning all the time to relieve the pressure, which was confusing because I was really excited not bored.


If any of those conditions had been different, it might have been scary. But like so many things, it comes down to trust. As I share with everyone how much working with my chiropractor has helped make me healthy and relax, I always have to admit that I trust her before she was my doctor for so many reasons. I am not sure if that wasn't true, I would have ever considered it.


Recently I’ve been noticing how many references to flying there is in music. One of my favorites is by Richard Marx, Ready to Fly, the chorus goes

And I’m ready to fly

Over the sun

Like a rocket to heaven

And I’m ready to soar

Right through the sky

Never dreamed I’d find something to lift me so high

I’ve always had wings

But I wasn’t ready to fly


I’ve always had wings

Now I’m finally ready to fly



and it turns out I am...

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